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How Ready Are You?

Generating revenue–aka Sales–is like mountain climbing. To succeed, it takes strategy, focus, stamina, perseverance and training. As the climb becomes more difficult, at least one vital decision will need to be made—a decision that will change the game forever, one way or the other. In mountain climbing, this is known as the CRUX point.

How ready are you to make that change? Your decision will make or break how successfully your business will navigate to its next growth level in the business cycle.


Are you challenged with building and growing your sales department? Perhaps you have high turnover of sales reps and/or sales leadership? Is your sales department well structured so that your sales people can be successful? Building a sustainable sales department takes planning, experience, patience and commitment. It takes CRUX 5.0. Could this be your CRUX point?



noun (ˈkru̇ks)

: an essential point requiring resolution or resolving an outcome
: a vital or pivotal point

As a Sales Professional who partners with small to medium-sized business leaders in building, redesigning and managing their Sales Departments, the greatest successes are with those businesses in which the owners, managers and their teams-at-large decide, and truly commit, to implement the changes required for growth.


So, how ready are you? Are you really ready to take a chance and collaborate with change? As a business owner, your purpose, skills and legacy depend on your decision. This is your CRUX point.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Sales Department Start-ups and Redesign

  • Revenue Innovation for Growth

  • Sales Analysis and Forecasting

  • Sales Process Management

  • Business Development

  • Team Development and Sales Coaching/Recruiting

  • Strategic Messaging/Pricing

As a high-performing B2B sales leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and a demonstrated track record of profit achievements in many business sectors, my disciplines effectively lead change to cultivate a shared revenue growth vision at all levels.


Since 1989, I have dedicated my career to becoming a highly-respected Sales Professional and Leader who moves SMBs forward. Gratefully, employers have generously recognized my achievements for their businesses along the way, which include, for three different employers, acquiring their largest account. Recruited in the early stages of my selling career to help build a sales department from the ground up, that experience led to other business development leadership roles, honing my expertise for defining KPI’s, sales projections and relevant activity tracking. From commission-only sales positions to hundreds of cold calls in a day to selling stocks door-to-door, my career choice has certainly “thickened my skin.” There is very little, if anything, that someone could share about their sales experiences that I haven’t encountered myself.

My motivation is CHALLENGE. Finding and solving clients’ problems fuels that challenge, with the ultimate goal of leading them to a new way of thinking and execution. That’s the CRUX point where real change happens.


Industries Served

(but not limited to)

  • Financial Services

  • Software/SaaS

  • Business Services

  • Non-Profit

  • Media



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